New York Jets

This could be the best, or the worst news you’ll hear in a while: The New York Jets are bringing back their old Kelly Green jerseys.

By Jeff Jarboe

The day that every New York Jets fan has been waiting for has finally come, and I’m not talking about winning the super bowl. I’m talking about the return of the team’s greatest throwback jersey, the 1980’s Kelly Green jerseys.

That’s right, the Jets are going to be wearing the Kelly Green jerseys once again for their Nov. 12 Thursday night game against Buffalo.

For the last decade, while teams around the league brought back some of their franchises greatest throwback jerseys like San Diego’s powder blues or even New England’s revolutionary reds, the New York Jets have tortured their fans with a severe lack of throwback swag.

Some Jets fans may tell you they liked the dark blue and gold New York Titans throwbacks from Rex’s early years, but they’d be lying. Those jerseys were almost as bad as the Jets teams who wore them.

The only Jets jersey that has ever been worthy of a throwback is the Kelly Green–Rex didn’t understand that, but Bowles clearly does. From the day he showed up to training camp wearing that grey hat with the old school ‘NYJ’ on it, fans had hope he might bring the Kelly Greens back and now it’s happening.

The Kelly Greens are back. I REPEAT: THE KELLY GREENS ARE BACK!

I'm a senior journalism and communications major at THE University of Connecticut, as well as a die hard Jets and Knicks fan. College football and basketball have their place in my heart, but the NFL is my pride and joy.