This isn’t something you see everyday, but a Korean pop girl group that go by the name of DIA performed yesterday, while all wearing New York Rangers jerseys.

By Connor Orchard

As a huge KPOP fan myself, when I discovered this earlier on the Rangers sub-reddit I thought it was absolutely hilarious.

A lot of people on the sub-reddit couldn’t for the life of them get their heads around why they were all wearing Rangers jerseys though. Was it for publicity? Or was it just cheaper than creating brand new stage costumes? Who knows. But a user by the name of /u/apreche had a pretty good explanation to support this mind-boggling combination.

The comment read:

“In the Korean pop music industry they manufacture groups. Music companies train kids to sing and dance, and the best of them are formed into boy or girl groups. Their songs usually have elaborate choreography and a strong visual concept. When a group releases new music, they perform a ton. There are at least six major weekly TV music programs, not to mention concerts and festivals all over the place.

DIA is a group that just debuted, so they’re performing a lot right now. They aren’t very good. Their stylist, or someone on their staff, must be a hockey/Rangers fan. Or maybe those jerseys were just cheaper and easier than designing/making better stage costumes. Or maybe they were just very clever and realized that using those costumes would bring some attention to a group that would otherwise remain virtually unknown.”

Makes sense I guess.

One question remains unanswered though… Why six Kreider jerseys, and only one Nash jersey? Surely if it’s the leader that is wearing a different jersey to the rest of the group, then they should at least wear the King’s number 30 right?

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