How should you handle your fantasy football league when it comes to drafting New York Giants? This is how our very own, Liam Stamm-Walsh, see’s it. 

By Liam Stamm-Walsh

As the National Football League prepares to get underway, so does another football league: Your fantasy league.

Whether it’s with your co-workers, including the Steve from down the hall, who hardly converses with anyone in the break room, but runs the table on draft day; or with a couple buddies from school, who all bring a little too much booze, and “forget” that Jordy Nelson is done for the season (Hint: Matt didn’t do any research), we all want to acquire information that will give us an edge over our opponents.

The New York Giants, often regarded as a team with a roster chock full of fantasy backups and waiver wire bums – save a few stars in the past few seasons – enter the 2015 fantasy season with intriguing, draft-able, and yes, start-able players on their roster.

What makes the Giants extremely intriguing from a fantasy standpoint is the value at which you can draft many of the players on their roster. Here’s a look at what to expect from a few players on the Giants roster, and where to snag them in your draft.

Let’s get started.

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