Anthony Recker

Anthony Recker, (.137 and 2 homeruns), has been the Mets backup catcher for much of the season. He has either backed up Travis d’Arnaud or Kevin Plawecki. Recker is not much of a hitter, but does show occasional pop. Nobody would question his defensive ability. The question is, does he offer more production than Plawecki as a backup in the playoffs. Because Recker maybe a better pinch hitting option than Plawecki he could sneak himself on the roster.

Playoff Roster Chances:  Low, and getting lower now that there are indications Plawecki will be the backup catcher in September.

Kevin Plawecki

Until he was sent down, the rookie catcher Kevin Plawecki was having a nice rookie season with the Mets. He wasn’t an offensive dynamo by any stretch of the imagination hitting in the low .200s. At the same time he certainly looked like he belonged. Had the Mets not been in a playoff fight and not had d’Arnaud returned, he would likely have stayed with the big club. But it was much better for him to go down and continue to develop than sitting on the bench.

Playoff Roster Chance:  High

Eric Young Jr.

Make no mistakes about it, Eric Young Jr. has been as awful this season with his .169 batting average. Yet that did not stop Sandy Alderson from re-acquiring him a couple of weeks ago. After a short stint at AAA Las Vegas, Young was called up to the big club as part of the September roster expansion. Eric Young Jr brings a dimension that Mets do not have: Speed. The Mets are a station to station ball club right now. They also do not have a player on the roster who can be put in to steal a base in an important situation.   Playoff games are often tight affairs and an important stolen base late can change the scope of an inning.

Playoff Roster Chances: Low, as it seems risky to use a roster spot just for a stolen base and pinch running threat

Kelly Johnson

When the Mets acquired Kelly Johnson (.256, 12 home runs) Met fans were happy, but also worried that he, along with Juan Uribe, would be the only big bats they acquired.   Happily, the Mets went and got that Yoenis Cespedes guy.  Now, Johnson can go back to being a solid role player. What he has going for him is his lefty bat. The Mets do not have a lot of left handed hitters off the bench. So Johnson fits that need. Collins may use him a bit more than he should, but Johnson’s bat off the bench, veteran leadership and versatility in the field makes him a shoe-in.

Playoff Roster Chance:  High, if not a lock

Eric Campbell

One-time Met cleanup hitter Eric Campbell is back with the big club and he brought his .179 batting average with him. Although, down the stretch he will likely see the odd pinch hitter appearance and the occasional late inning replacement during a blowout. More than likely his being called up is a reward for the guy who really has given the Mets his all for the better part of two seasons. Thanks, but no thanks.

Playoff Roster Chance: None

Ruben Tejada

Ruben Tejada enjoyed his best year since his rookie campaign. So why is there a chance he is left off the roster? Because with a .255 average and an OPS of .672 he is having his best year. Weak offense aside he is clearly the best defensive shortstop on the team.

Playoff Roster Chance: His defensive play makes his chances medium

Wilmer Flores

Wilmer Flores became a fan favorite when he was traded, then un-traded at the deadline.  His story became that of legend when the very next night he belted a game winning home run. Wilmer has been hitting the ball well since the MLB All-Star break batting .285 with four homers since then. He’s also had a penchant for a big hit with 20 of his 54 RBI coming with two outs.  But Wilmer finds himself in a tough situation.   His defense is below average at shortstop. Dan Murphy will be the everyday second basemen once the playoffs start. The Mets also have a lot of infielders currently on the roster which makes what will happen with Wilmer and Tejada all the more interesting. Does Collins go with offense over defense? Or can he find a way to get both on the roster as another player’s expense? One thing that works in Wilmer’s favor is the likelihood of a first round matchup against the Dodgers, who may use two left handed starters in the rotation.

Playoff Roster Chance: Medium-high

Juan Lagares

It was just a year ago Met fans were protesting with calls of “free Juan Lagares.”  Now Juan Lagares is sort of the forgotten man. He has had a bit of a resurgence since becoming a part-time player and defensive replacement. But overall is hitting a paltry .257 with an OPS of .637 which is actually less than Ruben Tejada’s. Even his defense has not been as stellar as last season. While he still “goes and gets them” he just cannot throw the ball like he did a season ago.

Playoff Roster Chance:  Medium-low

Kirk Nieuwenhuis

Guess who’s back, back again? Kirk is back, tell a friend. That’s right, fresh off a stint on the DL which saw him rehabbing in A-ball is everyone’s favorite call-up, Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Jettisoned from the Mets early in the season, he found himself back in the blue and orange when the Mets could not resist the chance to claim him. Like Kelly Johnson his best attribute is his left handed bat. The problem for Kirk is he doesn’t have the Kelly Johnson pedigree, nor does he have a batting average over .200. However, he plays good enough defense, and simply because he is a lefty, he’ll challenge for the 25th spot on the roster. Possibly a better chance than Juan Lagares.

Playoff Roster Chance: Low

There you have it. As you can see, the Mets have a lot of decisions to make.  Some easy, some not so easy. One thing is for sure, some players may have some hurt feelings when it is all said and done. It is all going to come down to September. The Competition is on.

Like they say in NFL, competition is good.

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