New York Mets

As the New York Mets inch towards the NL East division title, it is time to start thinking about the playoff roster and how it’ll shake out.

By Ernie DeFalco

The post-deadline acquisitions of Addison Reed and Eric Young Jr. indicate Sandy Alderson is still not completely content with the roster. Considering that, as the New York Mets continue the playoff drive there will be some players on the playoff roster bubble. Let’s take a look at some of the players that could be on the outside looking in.

First we will take a look at the pitchers.

The Mets starters have been terrific this season. So much so, that all six more than likely make the post-season roster. The thing is, only four starters are needed for the playoffs so that means two will be headed to the pen.

Early indications point to Bartolo Colon and Noah Syndergaard as candidates for the pen. However, the Mets have had a difficult time finding an effective lefty in the pen, so Jonathon Niese or Steven Matz are also candidates.  But what about the others that make up the bullpen?

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