Stardust & King Barrett vs. Neville & Stephen Amell (Green Arrow)

So I watch Arrow and The Flash and I love both shows. Amell is as good of a Green Arrow as comic book fan-boys and girls could have hoped for.

I am probably one of only a few people thinking that DC will ruin both heroes in the Batman vs. Superman and Justice League movies as a result, but I digress.

Amell is as agile a non-athlete has ever been and I really look forward to this match just to see what he can do. I hope he does the right thing and jobs to Stardust to get a one on one match at a later date.

Neville might hit the Red Arrow on Barrett and Amell might follow up, but Stardust would go full heel on Amell if he can cheat to win.

Winners: Barrett and Stardust