Tag Team Championship Four Way Match


Prime time Players vs. New Day vs. Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores

I’m at a loss here. I keep predicting the New Day is going to win because of the heat they have as a heel tag team.

But the Prime Time Players keep winning and winning and looking dominant in doing so. Los Matadores has been on a mini roll lately and their mascot, El Torito is a crowd pleaser when he gets involved.

Lucha Dragons seem to be there for some good high spots. This is the one that I feel the least confident about. I would love to see the Ascension come out and hit their finisher, Wasteland on all four teams and stand there to rousing chorus of boos and disapproval from the crowd, or bring back the Dudley’s and let them hit 3D on all four teams and stand there in a raucous celebration from the home crowd. A guy can only dream.

I’m flipping a coin here, but staying consistent.

Winner: New Day, New Champs.