Submission Sorority vs. Team B.A.D. vs. Team Bella

Ladies First. The Divas Revolution as dubbed by Stephanie McMahon has given new life into the Divas Division. This 3 way match finally puts the new trios against each other. The Submission Sorority as Paige, Charlotte and Becky refer to themselves as, has had the most momentum going into the match.

Team Beautiful and Dangerous features the NXT Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks who might be the best worker of the nine females competing.

Banks is a rising star and she is carrying her team to credibility. If Banks is arguably the best worker, Tamina is by far the worst.

Naomi has a lot of talent and should have had a run by now, by the three newest promotions of Lynch, Charlotte and Banks is negating that potential run.

Then there’s Team Bella who have all the marketability and Nikki as the Divas Champion hasn’t dropped the belt for a long time. That run is coming to an end soon, but the Bellas win big matches and this is a big one.

I have a feeling Brooklyn might be kicking this show off with Flair, and that means Charlotte gets the victory with the Figure 8 for the Submission Sorority.

Winners: Team PCB / Submission Sorority