New York Mets

The New York Mets sit in front of the NL East with a 4 game lead over the Washington Nationals, here are five reasons that lead is safe.

By Steven Cifuentes

If you asked any New York Mets fans prior to the 2015 baseball season what their realistic expectations were, your answers would have ranged from above .500 to give me meaningful games in August and September.

It turns out those who asked for meaningful games proved to not be asking too much. It doesn’t get anymore meaningful than these games right now.

The Mets are sitting ahead of the Washington Nationals by 3.5 games in the NL East and do not appear to be ready to fade anytime soon.

GM Sandy Alderson has not always been the most popular guy in Queens, but it seems he knows a little something about putting a team together.  While not all of these players are Sandy acquisitions, he has held onto and gotten rid of the correct ones.

R.A. Dickey was a fan favorite coming off a Cy Young season in 2012.  All Alderson did was turn him into a franchise catcher, Travis d’Arnaud, and a front-line starter, Noah Syndergaard.

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Love him or hate him, he has the Mets on the brink of the playoffs for many years to come, and dare I say the next dynasty.

Here are five reasons why the Mets will be playing meaningful games late into October:

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