2. Playing For A Contract Factor

Prior to every fantasy season every expert makes sure to mention what players are playing for that big payday.  It usually translates to max effort and solid results.

Two Mets that are making a final push to Free Agency are Yoenis Cespedes and Daniel Murphy.

The Mets made a bold move trading for Cespedes knowing he was likely to be a two month rental.  This rental is paying immediate dividends by adding a legitimate power bat to a lineup lacking in pop.

Murphy is a homegrown Met that will have his first crack at free agency this winter.  He may not be the slickest or smartest fielder in the game, but he can flat out hit.  He is a career .290 hitter that will be paid by someone looking for a professional batsman.

These two guys will have a major impact on who will come out on top of the NL East, and both will be better off for it at the negotiating table.