2. Joseph Randle, RB-Cowboys

After seeing how good DeMarco Murray was able to perform behind the Dallas Cowboys dominant offensive line, I think any running back placed in that system would at least be able to enjoy some of that same success.

The question is who that running back will be.

Will Randle be given most of the carries, or will they go to Darren McFadden? Or will they split carries rather evenly? We’ll have to see how they fare in training camp before we can assume an answer.

However, right now, the edge should go to Randle. In Darren’s seven year career, last year was the first time that he’s been able to take the field every game without an injury keeping him on the sidelines.

Knowing that, the chances are pretty high that he won’t be able to stay healthy all year long. So as long as Randle doesn’t steal anymore underwear, he should be able to get the opportunity to be the full-fledged starting running back on the Cowboys.

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