Here is The Jackal providing you fortunate souls with his WWE: ‘Money in the Bank’ preview and predictions for Sunday night.

By Kevin Flynn

The World Wrestling Entertainment Corporation will hold their monthly Pay-Per-View event this Sunday, June 14th.  This event has one match that has become a special one for the fans on an annual basis.

The rules are simple.

The winner of the Money in the Bank match must climb to the top of a ladder and retrieve the metal briefcase that is dangling above the ring.  In this briefcase is a contract that guarantees the holder of the briefcase a World Heavyweight Championship Title match at any time that he pleases.

This idea, which must be creditied to former undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho, first originated at Wrestlemania 21 in 2005, when  Edge became the first ever Mr. Money in the Bank.  Ever since then, every superstar that has won the Money in the Bank, cashed in at the most opportune of times to become the promotion’s champion, (with the exception of two: John Cena and Damien Sandow).

The idea became so popular that when the titles were split between the WWE Champion and the World Heavyweight Championship (Ric Flair’s Title Belt), the WWE had no choice but to take the match off of the Wrestlemania card and create a pay-per-view event that featured not one but TWO of these main event matches.  Now that the titles have been unified once again, there is only one Money in the Bank match that will be taking place.  That’s the good news….

The bad news is that the match is looking rather predictable. I don’t think there will be any title changes whatsoever, but we will have a new Mr. Money in the Bank.  But there are some other matches on the card that will help make this event watchable.

Here are my predictions for the whole card:

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