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During the course of nine seasons on ‘Seinfeld,’ only one semi-major character was shockingly killed off. Just why was Susan ousted?

By Robby Sabo

If you’re a diehard Seinfeld fan, you’re likely¬†aware that Larry David left after season seven.

It’s actually not hard to realize considering season’s eight and nine were total and complete garbage. The franchise became completely outrageous, bringing in edgy and unrealistic comedy, a strategy that wasn’t one that made them the most popular sitcom of all-time.

Even David’s last episode as part of the Seinfeld franchise was a little wacky.

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While the premise of George Constanza hating life after idiotically getting engaged to Susan Ross was full of hilarity, Susan’s death due to licking the toxic envelopes was one that had us scratching our heads.

At that moment, the lovable, funny characters of Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George all took a turn for the dark side of comedy.

To add a little light on the subject, Jason Alexander recently discussed the real reason for why Susan was killed off the show.

Alexander told the Howard Stern show on Wednesday morning that Heidi Swedberg (Susan), was difficult to work with. After one trying scene with Swedberg, Julia Louis-Dreyfus actually uttered the words “don’t you just wanna kill her?”

Apparently, both Jerry and Larry took notice.

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