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It only took falling four games under .500 during an eight-game losing streak, but the Yankees have finally called up Oswald Peraza and Everson Pereira. Will it be too little, too late for the Bronx Bombers and manager Aaron Boone?

That’s possible. Former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling thinks firing the skipper would be a mistake. He also thinks Boone getting axed is inevitable. That jives with a recent report on his future beyond this season.

Here’s what the hurler said about Boone on The Curt Schilling Baseball Show (h/t NJ.com):

Aaron Boone after the game, said it all, ‘they’ve [the Red Sox] kicked our ass.’ You know what I’ll say, and you heard it here first, and I don’t want to be first, but Aaron Boone is gonna get fired, and that’s gonna suck because none of this is his fault and every player in Yankee pinstripes, I promise you they care very deeply about this guy.

He’s that kind of guy that warrants that kind of emotion. Every one of them should feel like crap. Because it’s their fault. He’s gonna get fired. Period. Then you couldn’t ask for a better, more calming influence.

If you can’t fire the players, and firing anybody else would be meaningless to the on field results. You got to fire the manager, the coaching staff and unfortunately, I think that we’re about to see that and that’s that sucks because it’s not his fault. And I’m telling you Yankee fans, you’re gonna regret this because he’s gonna go somewhere else and win a whole lot of games. This guy’s as good as they come as a human being.

Schilling’s opinion on a team pinning a disappointing season on the manager/coaching staff is pretty spot-on. You’d like to see a roster get completely revamped since it’s the players who are taking the field each night, but that’s not so easy to do on a large scale.

Someone needs to be the scapegoat. We already know it’s all but likely not going to be general manager Brian Cashman. So, that means Boone is the only other option in this scenario.

How the Yankees finish out the 2023 season will probably play a part in determining Boone’s ultimate fate. Missing the postseason is a distinct possibility now, but if they turn things around enough and have a winning record once Game 162 is in the books, maybe that changes things.

Reports from earlier this season said there wouldn’t be any significant changes if the Yankees missed the playoffs. However, it seems like this recent terrible stretch of play could force Hal Steinbrenner into making a decision.

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