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Around this time last year, Blake Martinez was getting ready for the Giants’ 2022 season. He didn’t even make it to Week 1 in Tennessee, though.

Big Blue made a surprise move by cutting the linebacker right at the end of the preseason. He then caught on with the Las Vegas Raiders before officially retiring from football last November.

What has he been up to since then, you ask? Well, Martinez has been running a business where he resells Pokémon trading cards. Regardless of your opinion on this business venture, chances are it’s been more successful than you think. Apparently, “Blake’s Breaks” has generated more than $11 million in sales in less than one year, according to Yahoo! Sports.

The efforts to keep growing his business might be a little harder now, though, because he’s been banned from WhatNot (an online marketplace) after allegedly scamming buyers. Here’s what the company had to say about the situation (h/t to

The first tweet gets cut off right at the juiciest part, of course. It went on to say WhatNot decided to “permanently remove the seller from our platform, including the individual employees involved in misconduct”.

Martinez’s company has been accused of pulling off something called “pack switches“. The former linebacker said the following during a livestream about it.

Blake Admitting Guilt?
by u/DirtSty13 in whatnotapp

Not exactly the best look when it comes to future business for Blake Martinez, I would imagine.

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