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There was a palpable buzz at Jets training camp over the weekend. After all, free-agent running back Dalvin Cook was visiting. But once his visit was finished, he didn’t sign on the dotted line to join Gang Green for what’s hopefully going to be a memorable year.

So, what gives? It’s not a requirement that a free-agent visit ends with them signing a contract. After all, they have wants, needs, and desires to be weighed before committing to an organization. But it sounds like some people within the Jets don’t think Cook is actually serious about playing for New York.

NFL insider Jeff Darlington said the following on a Wednesday morning edition of Sportscenter regarding Dalvin Cook and the Jets (h/t Bleacher Report):

Well look, bizarre is a good word to use and honestly, a sentiment that’s shared by some people that I’ve spoken to within the Jets organization as well. They’re wondering too what exactly are the motives here of Dalvin Cook. I think that we have to be very careful here, not everybody in the Jets feels that way, but there is a wonder here. Is he using the Jets for leverage right now? Is he trying to ramp up potential offers with other teams to get maybe a spot on those rosters? Would the Miami Dolphins be that team?

Look, Dalvin Cook is from the Miami area. He’s made no secrets about that, went to high school at Miami Central, he spent college at Florida State. There’s still a belief that he could wind up with the Dolphins. The Dolphins, though, not necessarily being quite as eager about their desire to sign him. Now, I will say that I believe there is a spot on this Dolphins team if Dalvin Cook decides to come to the Dolphins. But right now, certainly, as he walks away from the Jets without a contract, there is a wonder about his desire specifically to play for the Jets.

Cook’s trainer, Nick Hicks, also recently said the following in a deleted tweet:

“If Jets knew what DC [Dalvin Cook] said today in training they’d be [heartbroken]”


Between these two things, it certainly sounds like Cook prefers to play elsewhere. There’s nothing wrong with hosting him for a visit in the first place. New York is willing to chat with great players if they also want to talk.

But, come on now — this seems like it was just a waste of time. Hopefully, Cook gets what he wants out of it all and signs with Miami. We’ll see what happens and if the Jets get involved anymore, though.

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