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It might be hard for Jets fans to pinpoint just one thing they’re most excited to watch this season. However, witnessing the Aaron Rodgers-Garrett Wilson connection must be a popular answer. Even Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams is excited to see how much noise they make in 2023.

During practice over the weekend, Rodgers and Wilson hooked up for an insane touchdown. A lot of it had to do with Wilson’s unreal athletic ability to not only haul in the pass but to also get both feet down in the end zone.

This is the kind of play that makes your jaw drop to the floor and your eyes pop out of your head. Adams shared the clip on his Instagram story and added a thought many people have already had this summer:

He’s not wrong. Plus, Adams knows a thing or two about having a special on-field connection with Rodgers. Before landing with the Raiders last year, he spent the first eight seasons of his NFL career in Green Bay with the Packers. During that time together, Rodgers and Adams hooked up for 68 touchdowns. This accounts for about 14% of Rodgers’ 475 career touchdown passes entering 2023.

Prior to New York landing Rodgers from Green Bay, there were rumors that the Raiders might have an interest in the four-time NFL MVP. After all, Las Vegas would’ve known the connection between him and Adams would’ve been good from the get-go. Davante tried to do some of his own recruiting (or, just stirring the pot) on social media:

It turned out to just be wishful thinking, as he’ll have Jimmy Garoppolo under center and tossing passes to him. But when he’s not catching passes and finding the end zone himself, it seems like Davante Adams will have an eye on what Aaron Rodgers and Garrett Wilson are up to this year for the Jets.

He won’t be the only one, that’s for sure.

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