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Now this would be an Amazin’ turn of events.

The Mets likely need to make drastic changes if they are going to turn their season around. The bullpen is a particularly pressing need. And they could use owner Steve Cohen’s deep pockets to get the job done, taking on bad salaries in order to land valuable assets. And maybe they could also provide a get-out-of-jail-free card to Yankees general manager Brian Cashman in the process?

SNY’s Andy Martino has thrown a wild, but nonetheless reasonable, idea out into the world: What if the Mets bailed the Bombers out and took the abysmal Josh Donaldson off their hands? Or even slugger Giancarlo Stanton?

Martino writes:

The Yankees are not going to be sellers, of course, but they owe Donaldson what remains of his $21 million salary this year. Would they be willing to sacrifice a controllable power arm like Ian Hamilton in order to free up the Donaldson money for the trade deadline and remain under the luxury tax threshold? It’s an intriguing idea.

If the Mets traded for Donaldson, they would presumably cut him rather than add him. Not so for Stanton, who could be their DH. Everyone in the Yankees organization, from the front office to the clubhouse, loves Stanton — but what if Steve Cohen offers the Yanks a way out of the $118 million owed to him from 2024-27?

That would be worth even more than Hamilton — but unlike the more plausible Donaldson idea, the Stanton concept is probably far closer to talk radio fodder than reality.

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If Ian Hamilton is all the Yankees need to give up to get rid of Donaldson, they should do it now. And then throw that party Mike Francesa was talking about. The guy has got to go. And if Uncle Steve is willing to help out, so be it.

Stanton is a different story. The Yankees likely wish they could dump him, but why would anyone want him? Especially the Mets, who are preparing for a run at Shohei Ohtani and will likely get a crack at Juan Soto eventually. Stanton cannot stay healthy and his ability to play the field is temperamental at best. Plus his age (34 in November) and contract.

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