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Now that Aaron Rodgers is the Jets’ starting quarterback, the heavy lifting of their offseason is over. But there’s still one big thing they need to get done. Yes, restructuring Rogers’ contract is one, but I’m talking about a new deal for Quinnen Williams.

This is something we knew the defensive tackle wanted since the end of the regular season. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster over the past month based on reports of how negotiations are going, too.

Right before the 2023 NFL Draft, general manager Joe Douglas made it sound like things were going well and a resolution would be coming in the near future. Then, we saw reports soon after that both sides actually weren’t close to an agreement. From there, we saw Williams make changes to his Twitter account, as well as hearing about the kind of annual average salary he might be looking for.

But as is with all big NFL contracts, the annual average value doesn’t mean much. What’s most important is the amount of guaranteed money and how long a deal actually is. A Reddit user pointed out that Williams’ most recent like on the Bird App is the one below:

This isn’t shocking since it’s the thing that really matters in negotiations such as these. Plus, Williams is coming off a career year. He and his camp will obviously push for as much as they can get while having the leverage that is his elite performance.

What should be most important for Jets fans, though, is the desire to get a deal done. The above Twitter user’s source is optimistic a deal gets done. Let’s also not forget Henry McKenna of FOX Sports was told by a source that Williams loves playing for the Jets and doesn’t actually want to go anywhere.

All of those things are good and it’s only May. There are still about two months until training camp starts. So, we just have to assume both sides will figure this out before then.

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