The place is called American Family Field, man. Show some damn respect.

The Mets got smashed on Monday. Carlos Corrasco got shelled, the bats were silent, a 10-0 loss to the Brewers, et cetera. But presumably not as smashed as the Milwaukee fan who decided to urinate all over the stadium concourse to celebrate a big home opener victory over the Amazins.

Because this is 2023, the whole shameful event was captured with cell phone camera footage. The video is at the end of this post. It is somewhat graphic, so viewer discretion advised.

This is not funny. No information is currently available on the consequences of the man’s actions. But he probably deserved a night in the Milwaukee County Jail and an extended vacation from the ballpark. And he should be thankful Sheriff David Clarke is no longer calling the shots.

That said … watching the food vendor and the stadium security guy attempt to intervene, then pull back as they realize the splash zone is widening, is kind of funny. Plus at least he did not pee on the Fonzie statue. That is sacred ground. Although hard-to-find; I once spent a good 30 minutes with the wind chill in negative numbers trying to find it.

Moreover, you have to be somewhat impressed with this miscreant. Because it is hard to be that far gone in the pitch clock era. The game was over in two hours and 37 minutes!

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