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The Boston Herald has dropped a juicy behind-the-scenes look at the Patriots’ offensive dysfunction and ineptitude this season.

No one comes off great in the report with the exception of recently-returned offensive coordinator/anticipated savior Bill O’Brien. But former Giants coach Joe Judge really gets touched up. And it all sounds quite familiar.

From The Herald:

As (Matt) Patricia came under outside fire as the face of the offense, Judge drew increasing criticism from within. (Bill) Belichick would blast him in practice, and it wasn’t uncommon for Judge and (Mac) Jones to trade profanity-laced outbursts. Jones’ trust in his position coach was effectively non-existent.

“Mac didn’t like him,” one source said. “At all.”

“(Judge) would speak extra loudly in meetings, trying to project like he was the guy,” another source said. “And I think that kind of rubbed people the wrong way.”

“A lot of people were frustrated with (Judge),” a third added.

Judge’s tough guy act (and his delusional rants) got old quickly with the Giants. It is why he was fired after two seasons (with an assist from Jake Fromm and Mike Glennon). And it appears Lil’ Lombardi did not change much after returning to Foxborough. The report heaps plenty of blame on Patricia, who flopped as the de facto offensive coordinator in both scheme and play-calling, and Belichick for letting things get out of hand. But Judge is the only one whose temperament is criticized.

Judge was considered on equal footing as Patricia in the Patriots’ unorthodox offensive coaching setup when training camp opened. But players felt he was gradually “phased out,” according to the report. Which may have been out of necessity.

Also from The Herald:

Judge also coached across positions in practice, forcing other assistants to occasionally correct his talking points to players during drills.

“I think there were times the coaches were frustrated, especially the ones who had been on staff in years past and knew what we had done,” one source said.

Not great.

Judge and Patricia are not among the Patriots contingent coaching the upcoming East-West Shrine Game. Much has been made of that. And this report will only increase the scrutiny. Because it sounds like no one would be particularly upset to see him go.

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