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Everyone has officially weighed in on Aaron Judge’s free agency. Because we now have Jose Canseco’s thoughts.

And it sounds like the polarizing former slugger did not enjoy his time with the 2000 Yankees.

Canseco went on a tweetstorm about Judge and why he should leave New York. The tweets are copied verbatim below in bolded italics with ESNY’s notes included. Enjoy!

Aaron judge Arietta was right run run don’t walk for the nearest exit get out of New York the place is a dump and the fans are awful

If the Yankees played at Penn Station, it would be hard to argue the dump point.

Aaron judge you are the God of baseball and the New York fans would have easily crucified you at times get out of there ASAP

Seems a little harsh.

Karen judge even if you were to replicate the season you had this year again the fans would still hate you because you’re making more money New York is known for the most psychologically damaged delete damaged angriest people in the world

One, Jose has clearly never been to Philadelphia. Two, Karen?

Sorry I meant Aaron judge talk to text sometimes sucks

Gotcha. And yes it does!

By the way Aaron judge I can still hit a softball further than you can hit a baseball anytime you want to find out contact me

Jose’s agent’s number is in his Twitter bio, Aaron.

I predict that the New York Yankees will implode and then explode in the year 2023 most likely might come in last place

I would like to think the Yankees’ 2023 floor in the AL East is fourth place — you would imagine muscle memory is enough to edge out the Orioles — but you never know.

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