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Everything is great in Giants land right now. Big Blue is 4-1 after upsetting the Green Bay Packers in London. Players are also winning between Sundays, with cornerback Darnay Holmes being just the latest example.

During that Week 5 tilt against the Pack on Sunday, Holmes needed to get some work done on one of his legs from a team trainer. If you were sitting behind the Giants’ sideline in the stands, though, it most definitely didn’t look that way.

The moment is NSFW, so we’ll just link to it here if you want to take the chance in your office.

This is the kind of thing that’d be a nightmare for many people. The last thing anyone wants is a shot of their butt and a questionable public action to be broadcasted to the entire world. As you can imagine, the above clip went viral instantly.

He’s taking this in stride, though, as safety Julian Love noted during his appearance on WFAN’s “Tiki and Tierney“:

He’s laughed through it all. Everybody is laughing, but he’s laughing with it.

Holmes is looking to continue that laughing all the way to the bank by turning this potentially embarrassing moment into an NFT for people to own forever and ever. Now that’s how you put your pride aside for the good of the brand, don’t you think? I’m not so sure I’d have the stones to do something like this. Actually, I’m quite sure that I wouldn’t.

The cornerback’s media/marketing team was probably drooling at this opportunity and they must be thrilled he’s OK with moving forward to make it happen.

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