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Folks, the Mets are struggling right now. The wheels haven’t fallen off yet, but if they don’t regain their swagger soon, everything could start falling apart. It sure sounds like Gregg Giannotti of WFAN’s “Bommer and Gio” wishes New York could take back the in-game performance from Timmy Trumpet a couple of weeks ago.

It looks like we’re at the let’s-try-and-find-anything-to-blame-these-struggles portion of the program.

This was first brought up by comedian and huge Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld when he said the whole act during New York’s series against the Dodgers brought “bad mojo”. More than a week after those comments, the Mets are still struggling and just got swept for the first time this season. To the Cubs, no less.

So, naturally, the idea that Timmy Trumpet is the reason behind this all continues to pick up steam. Here’s what Giannotti had to say about it (quote via WFAN):

“It seems like that was seven years ago at this point, everybody patting each other on the back and all that nonsense…Maybe Jerry Seinfeld was right. That was the thing that turned. You could all point back to Timmy Trumpet. What’s the Mets record since Timmy Trumpet did his live performance?”

It turns out the Mets are 7-7 since Timmy Trumpet helped Edwin Diaz enter the ballgame on August 31 against Los Angeles to record the save. Here is that wonderful moment again, in all its glory:

I think this stuff about being cursed by Timmy Trumpet is garbage. Baseball is a competitive sport, but it’s also entertainment. This was incredibly entertaining for fans, both at home and at Citi Field. I’m also not really understanding the “patting each other on the back” and “celebrating early” stuff, either.

What exactly was the celebration? All Timmy Trumpet did was help Diaz enter the game before he did his job, and it all happened in a very cool manner.

Look, there is no curse on the Mets from the Baseball Gods because they arranged for their closer to jog in with someone playing the live version of his entrance song. This just sounds ridiculous. New York has been struggling because the offense is too inconsistent, which was a problem people were worried about long before Mr. Trumpet arrived in Queens.

Let’s stop trying to make weird excuses like this. I didn’t see any hot takes about Timmy Trumpet after the Mets finished off a 4-2 road trip with two convincing wins against the Marlins last weekend. If they took two-of-three from the Cubs, nobody would be talking about this anymore.

The best way to make it stop, though, is for the Mets to go out and “play better” as Buck Showalter said on Wednesday night.

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