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So Zach Wilson has been in the news.

Not because of anything football-related, of course. No, the Jets quarterback is in the spotlight because he allegedly slept with his mom Lisa Wilson’s best friend. And now Wilson has seemingly acknowledged, but not addressed, the Page Sixish buzz in a cheeky Instagram post. Wilson, a former BYU star, is currently in Idaho working out with teammates.


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Here’s a quick rundown of what he — and you, if you have been living in a bunker — missed:

Commanders wide receiver Dax Milne — Wilson’s best friend and college teammate/roommate — is apparently dating Wilson’s ex-girlfriend, Abbey Gile. When this story went viral, a fan took to Instagram to call Gile a “homie hopper.”

(Per Urban Dictionary: A homie hopper is “a girl or guy that hops from one person to another, where the people they choose to hook up with are within the same group of friends.)

Gile then respond to the commenter that, “[Wilson] was sleeping with his mom’s best friend … that’s the real homie hopper.”

That set the NFL social media universe ablaze. Eyes went wide. Barstool shirts went on sale. And teammates responded, including the likes of Mekhi Becton and Elijah Moore. In a dead time of the year for the greatest American sports league, offices were buzzing. It was Christmas morning for those who love drama.

Instead of quickly heading to social media to deny the fact he “has that dog in him,” Wilson is playing along now with an incredible response that doesn’t confirm nor deny the news, but instead, keeps people wanting to know more. And before you say “there’s no way he was sleeping with his mom’s best friend, stop believing everything you read on the internet” just remember Wilson took two — yes, two — BYU cheerleaders to his high school prom back in 2018.

Wilson’s first training camp press conference of the year should be interesting.

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