scott foster
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Scott Foster is one of the most famous NBA officials, which isn’t a good thing. If refs, umpires, etc. are household names for sports fans, it’s probably because of how bad they are.

There are a few guys out there in every sport that we remember. Joey Crawford was the original “look at me” official in the NBA, but Foster is happy to take over. Angel Hernandez and the recently-retired Joe West are two of the worst in baseball. In fact, Hernandez was the star of Sunday Night Baseball between the Phillies and Brewers.

In Foster’s case, he’s notorious for becoming the main attraction during big games. He’s always a familiar face in the playoffs and he’s going to be in Barclays Center for Game 4 between the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics. The Nets are on the brink of elimination and Twitter seems to believe that the fix is in with Foster reffing.

There are 1,200 quote tweets on the following tweet, mostly about Foster. He’s a name that NBA fans remember.

The reactions to Foster’s assignment are equal parts hilarious and concerning. There are full-on highlight videos for this man.

Do the Nets have any chance to come back from down 3-0 and win this series? Probably not. No team in NBA history has ever completed a comeback of that magnitude and only three teams have ever made it to a Game 7 after going down 3-0.

But the NBA Twitter conspiracy theorists will say that Scott Foster’s assignment is the start of something bigger. Something more devious from the league office.

A helping hand from the refs or not, it’s going to be tough for Brooklyn in Game 4. Ben Simmons is still out with his issues, whatever they may be, and the superstar duo of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving is laying an egg. Not to mention, Nets coach Steve Nash is being outmaneuvered by Celtics bench boss Ime Udoka at every turn.

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