ben simmons
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Ben Simmons has done nothing to earn any comparisons to Michael Jordan this year, but don’t worry Brooklyn Nets fans, his “swag is at an all-time high right now” — whatever that means.

Reports of a potential Simmons return for the playoffs are starting to bubble up. The unique All-Star hasn’t played in a game this season. First, it was mental health issues while he was with the Sixers. Now, it’s a back issue with the Nets.

If this report from Scoop B is true, it seems like Simmons’ teammates think he’s ready to make his return. There is no doubt that he can help the Nets in the playoffs, if healthy.

He could be the most versatile defender in the NBA. Not to mention, he won’t need to do much offensively with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant cooking.

But even if we acknowledge that Simmons can be a big help for the Nets, this report about Simmons “walking around like Jordan” is insane. It’s a good thing for Brooklyn if his confidence is high. Still, he’s done nothing to earn that pep in his step. Maybe it’s the lamb outfit that has Ben feeling himself.

If he comes back for the playoffs and can play a vital role in a championship run, Simmons can be as cocky as he wants. None of the drama from this bizarre Nets season matters if they win a championship.

Simply playing in the playoffs won’t be enough for Simmons to silence his critics. He needs to win to do that. For Simmons, winning a championship would come with the added bonus of sticking it to the entire city of Philadelphia.

With that said, the funniest outcome potential scenario for the playoffs would be if the Nets won the championship with Simmons sitting on the bench. Sixers fans would have an aneurysm watching Simmons get his ring on opening night minutes before the Nets lay another 30-point beating on Philly.

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