Joe Schoen
Trevor Ruszkowski | USA TODAY Sports

The Giants say they believe in Daniel Jones. Which is great. But it does not change the reality of the situation.

Jones is injury- and turnover-prone. He has done nothing to prove he is a franchise quarterback through three seasons. And the Giants are going to be bad again this season, so the odds of a dramatic breakout are slim. Absent Jones’ fifth-year contract option being picked up in a surprise move, this is likely the end of the road for him here, with a new Giants quarterback taking over in 2023.

With that in mind, general manager Joe Schoen has to pull a Howie Roseman and swing a trade that delivers a second first-rounder in next year’s NFL draft, a team executive told The Athletic. If he doesn’t, it would be “malpractice.”

From The Athletic:

Given their quarterback situation, it would be malpractice for them not to try to trade one of those early picks to get a first-rounder next year, unless they think they are going to be in the veteran quarterback world. Philly already has the extra one next year — they are a year ahead of New York with a better team.

The Eagles’ recent deal with the Saints gives them two first-rounders in 2023 if they decide to move on after another season of Jalen Hurts. And Roseman still has two first-rounders this year, so he could conceivably add more to his war chest if inclined. The Giants cannot risk being outfoxed by the Eagles — and a general manager who is far more bold than they are — heading into a year with a quarterback class that is expected to be much stronger than the current one.

You have to imagine the “veteran quarterback” caveat doesn’t apply to the Giants either. The contract they gave to Tyrod Taylor indicates he would be the 2023 bridge starter paired with a rookie if it comes to that. And the likely market options — assuming every possible free agent like Lamar Jackson either gets extended or tagged — are less than inspiring.

James Kratch is the managing editor of ESNY. He previously worked as a Rutgers and Giants (and Mike Francesa) beat reporter for NJ Advance Media.