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John Mara calls the allegations from Brian Flores “false.”

Earlier this year, former Dolphins head coach and current Steelers senior defensive assistant Brian Flores filed a bombshell lawsuit against the Giants and the NFL, alleging racism in hiring practices. Flores was a candidate for the Giants’ once-vacant head coaching position, a role that eventually went to Brian Daboll.

Flores claims the Giants only interviewed him to comply with the Rooney Rule, which states teams seeking out a new head coach must interview/consider at least one minority candidate. The former Miami HC additionally has alleged texts from Bill Belichick to back up his claim.

Despite the alleged evidence against the organization, Giants co-owner John Mara does not plan to settle with Flores.

“Not settling it. Because the allegations are false,” Mara told ESPN’s Jordan Raaan at the league’s annual meetings Sunday. “We’re very comfortable with our hiring process. It was a fair process and we ended up making the decision that we made based on a lot of factors, none of which had to do with race.”

“It’s false,” Mara added later on. “I’ve said over and over again we had a very thorough process. Interviewed some great candidates. Made the decision we made based on a lot of factors. [GM] Joe [Schoen’s] prior relationship with [HC] Brian [Daboll] certainly entered into it. But at the end of the day we thought Brian Daboll was the best fit for us.”

Additional matters introduced in the lawsuit were claims Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered Flores $100,000 for every loss in 2019 — his first year as Miami’s head coach — in an attempt to earn a more valuable draft pick. Ross also allegedly attempted to get Flores to violate league tampering rules in order to bring a “prominent quarterback” to Miami following the 2019 campaign.

Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post reported in February this “prominent quarterback” was, in fact, Tom Brady (prior to his arrival in Tampa Bay).

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