Tyrod Taylor
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Tyrod Taylor is walking into an interesting situation.

The Giants needed to sign a legitimate backup quarterback for Daniel Jones — anyone could’ve told you that after seeing Mike Glennon and Jake Fromm play in 2021.

They landed on Tyrod Taylor, an experienced signal-caller who’s been to the playoffs, been to a Pro Bowl, and been in the same quarterback room as novice individuals (Baker Mayfield and Justin Herbert).

As you can guess, Taylor is not supposed to be a starter for New York. However, the door is never shut on anything in the NFL — this is especially the case here, considering Daniel Jones’ production and health history.

“There is no crystal ball, obviously, you never know what the future holds,” Taylor told the media Thursday when speaking on the possible chance to start. “You have to pick what makes the most sense for you in that time and I think choosing to come here made the most sense for me in that time and for this stage of my career. Obviously, Daniel has played a number of snaps here and has played well…I’ve watched him. So, to come in and to think that ‘Oh, this is an opportunity to start,’ that’s not necessarily a weighing factor. It’s more so what makes the most sense. Obviously, coming in and staying ready for the opportunity if it does present itself, but I didn’t weigh that in, because like I said, you don’t have a crystal ball.”

Taylor mentioned he had other opportunities in free agency. He ultimately chose to sign with Big Blue on what was a two-year, $11 million deal.

This is an interesting situation though, because it’s not like Taylor is backing up Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City or Joe Burrow in Cincinnati.

Daniel Jones is someone who’s yet to prove he’s his team’s long-term franchise quarterback. The turnovers have remained an issue since his 2019 rookie campaign and the former first-round pick has dealt with injuries every year he’s been in the league. Last year, DJ missed the final six regular-season matchups due to a neck issue.

The backup quarterback situation has changed for the Giants, but the impatience among this eager fanbase has not. One wrong move by Jones could lead to the supporters of this once-proud organization calling for Tyrod much quicker than they were calling for Glennon.

Because for the first time, Jones actually has a second-string breathing down his neck. Eli Manning wasn’t exactly a threat to Jones in 2019, and neither was Colt McCoy in 2020 or Glennon last year. Taylor was a starter as recently as 2021 (with the Texans) and is a serviceable option just as long as he remains upright.

At only 32 years old (33 in August), and with the same dual-threat playstyle as Jones, there’s the chance Tyrod finds himself under center in multiple games next season.

Let’s just hope Jones is improved and healthy enough to prevent that from occurring.

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