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Thursday was one of the biggest sports days in a long, long time.

Baseball is back, the Nets and Sixers tangled in Philly, and there were conference tournaments galore in college basketball. Thursday was an incredible time to be a sports fan, especially in the New York area.

Here’s what we’re watching tonight:

  • NBA: Knicks @ Grizzlies — 10 PM ET
  • Big East: Creighton vs. Providence — 6:30 PM ET
  • Big East: Villanova vs. UConn — 9 PM ET
  • MAAC: Monmouth vs. Rider — 6 PM ET
  • MAAC: Saint Peter’s vs. Quinnipiac — 8:30 PM ET
  • NHL: Islanders vs. Jets — 7 PM ET

What are we watching this weekend?


  • Big East: Championship Game — 6:30 PM ET
  • MAAC: Championship Game — 4 PM ET
  • NHL: Devils vs. Ducks — 7 PM ET
  • NHL: Rangers @ Stars — 8 PM ET


  • NBA: Nets vs. Knicks — 1 PM ET
  • NHL: Islanders vs. Ducks — 7:30 PM ET

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Baseball is Back!

What else do we need to say? The lockout is over and MLB plans to play 162 games this year. Fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief and start worrying about more important things like why haven’t the Yankees signed anyone yet?

The Nets Put Philly in a Body Bag

Philadelphia 76ers fans wanted to spend four quarters serenading Ben Simmons with chants and boos, but a good chunk of the crowd was gone before the final buzzer sounded.

James Harden laid an egg in his first game against the Brooklyn Nets since he forced his way out of town. He was 3-for-17 from the floor.

Truth be told, he would have been better off pulling a Simmons and sitting this game out. Joel Embiid came out firing, but Harden’s lack of energy rubbed off on the MVP candidate. Philly had completely given up on this game within minutes of the third quarter starting.

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Seth Curry combined to score 78 points on 28-for-48 from the floor and 12-for-25 from deep.

What an embarrassing night to be a Sixer — or a fan of Philly sports in general.

The Big East Locals Fall Short

The Big East Tournament is the best conference tournament in college basketball. It’s OK to have a different opinion on this matter, but if you do, just know your opinion is wrong.

St. John’s and Seton Hall were matched up with Villanova and UConn in primetime, respectively. The Johnnies are exactly who we thought they were. They held a 17-point lead over Villanova at one point in this game, but let the Wildcats win it on free throws in the final seconds.

As for the Pirates, injuries are starting to catch up with them. Seton Hall’s defense is good enough to keep them in games, but they can’t find enough ways to score. Losing point guard Bryce Aiken earlier this year changed Seton Hall’s March fortunes.

Buck Showalter is Ready to Roll

There isn’t much turnaround time between the end of the lockout and spring training for players and coaches. New Mets manager Buck Showalter is trying to get a head start.

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