Adam Pelech
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Pelech’s play this week only strengthens his case as the Islanders’ best player this season.

Week 15 wasn’t the best for the New York Islanders. They kicked things off with yet another win over the Philadelphia Flyers, but lost their next two games to the Los Angeles Kings and the Minnesota Wild.

It’s a shame that their game against the Seattle Kraken was postponed because that easily could’ve been another three points for the Islanders and could’ve helped them build some momentum.

Although things didn’t go entirely according to plan for the Islanders this week, several players did well, especially the defensemen. Of the blueliners, Adam Pelech was the best once again.

You can check out the Islanders’ Week 14 player of the week and honorable mentions here.

Player of the Week: LHD Adam Pelech

vs. MIN: 1 A
Average Game Score: 1.32
Average defensive impact: 0.74

For the second-straight week, Pelech is the Islanders’ best player. Although he notched an assist against the Wild, Pelech was much less visible offensively this week, but was better in his own zone.

Overall, Pelech had a stronger week last week, but he still played like an All-Star in Week 15. He didn’t play poorly in a single game, but really stood out against the Wild, in which he was the team’s best player and was noticeable in both zones.

No Islander has been as consistently good as Pelech this season and he’s a player who’s been key in keeping the team afloat.

Honorable Mention #1: C Brock Nelson

vs. PHI: 2 A
vs. LAK: 1 A
vs. MIN: 1 G
Average Game Score: 1.12
Average defensive impact: -0.10

And for the second-consecutive as well, Nelson is the team’s second-best player. Like Pelech, Nelson was better in Week 14, but he provided some crucial offense for the Islanders, putting up four points in three games.

Nelson was a top-four player for the Islanders twice this week and a regression in his defensive play is what prevented him from having as strong a week as he did in Week 14.

While Pelech has been the team’s most consistent and best defenseman, Nelson has been the Islanders’ most consistent and best forward.

He’s another player they’re going to need to maintain this level of play if they hope to keep climbing in the standings.

Honrable Mention #2: LHD Zdeno Chára

vs. PHI: 1 A
Average Game Score: 1.10
Average defensive impact: 0.19

Here’s a name we wouldn’t thought we’d see on here. Chára is one of several Islanders to begin the season poorly but improve over time.

He’s been significantly better as of late and that’s culminated in him having his best week of the season in Week 15, during which he was a top-five player twice.

The Islanders’ game against the Flyers was Chára’s best of the season: he was strong in his own zone and recorded his third assist of the season.

“Big Z” looked quite concerning for most of the beginning of the season and it looked like the future Hall of Famer’s age was finally catching up to him.

It’s been both relieving and promising to see him improve in all regards and the Islanders will need him to keep this up.

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