Are you excited for your new general manager?

Two of the great franchises in the NFL that have seen much, much better days have recently hired new general manager.

The New York Giants recently hired Joe Schoen away from the Buffalo Bills. And, on Tuesday, the Chicago Bears announced they had hired Ryan Poles away from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Wednesday morning, we got competing… hype videos? of the two new general managers arriving at work. And it appears Poles beat Shoen into the office for whatever that’s worth.

Here’s the Bears video:

And here’s the Giants response:

As you can see, the Bears beat the Giants to the punch by 22 minutes. And for those reasons we are incredibly concerned about absolutely nothing.

However, let’s break down the tape a little… shall we?

It looks like Shoen is coming into work to get ready for more head coach interviews. Obviously he’s been in the job longer than the 12 hours since the Bears announced Poles, but he rolled in looking fresh and ready to work.

Poles, on the other hand, arrived on a frigid morning in Chicago (it was minus-10 degrees at Halas Hall when he parked) and looked like he was headed to the gym for a workout before getting into his coaching search.

We’ve got one guy arriving in a white Mercedes sedan, the other in a black Jeep. We’re going to call the rides a break-even proposition (though, as a Jeep guy, I’ll give Shoen a slight edge in personal preference).

But what a time for fans of the Giants and Bears that the teams are posting hype videos of their new GMs arriving to do their jobs. Can you feel the excitement?

Tab has written about MLB, the NHL and the NFL for more than a decade for publications including The Fourth Period, Bleacher Report and La Vida Baseball. He is the author of two books about the Chicago Blackhawks and has been credentialed for the MLB All-Star Game and postseason and multiple Stanley Cup Finals. He is the co-host of the Line Drive Radio podcast.