Paul Millsap
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Millsap wants a bigger role — elsewhere.

As a title contender, the Nets are among the teams poised to make a move before the trade deadline to bolster their roster for a championship run.

Shams Charania of The Athletic reported the Nets and Paul Millsap are working together to find the veteran forward a trade.

Millsap, a four-time all-star had signed with Brooklyn this past offseason after spending the previous four seasons in Denver. The hope was that Millsap would be a replacement for Jeff Green who, ironically signed with Denver this offseason.

The Millsap experiment however has just not panned out so far. Irregular playing time, absences from the team due to personal reasons, and a bout with COVID have limited Paul’s ability to have a positive impact on the team.

Millsap has played in only two of Brooklyn’s last 17 games and has played in just 24 games in total this season. The 16-year vet is averaging the lowest points (3.4), rebounds (3.7), and blocks (0.5) totals of his career.

What’s next for Brooklyn

It’s unclear right now where a trade would come from for Brooklyn. There are quite a few teams that could use the services of a Millsap however the Nets will want equal or greater compensation, which is in the realm of possibility seeing as how GM Sean Marks has gotten more for less in the past.

This also speaks to the Nets’ reputation of being a player-friendly organization. It’s not often you see a title contender mutually agree with a player to trade them for a better opportunity.

In terms of players, the Nets are looking to acquire, there are quite a few avenues they could go down. Brooklyn is in desperate need of another ballhandler, especially with Kyrie Irving still unable to play home games.

They could also look for a 3-and-D wing if want someone a little more experienced than Kessler Edwards for the playoffs. And of course, the elephant in the room answer would be to acquire another big to sure up the frontcourt depth.

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