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Freddie Kitchens is, apparently, keeping an optimistic mindset.

The Giants are sitting as one of the worst teams in the league…once again.

Big Blue has lost four straight and is the last-place team in the NFC East at 4-11. The team has already lost more games than it did last year and it’s clear widespread change must occur this offseason.

But in spite of the various issues within the coaching staff, front office, and on the field of play, senior offensive assistant and interim offensive play-caller Freddie Kitchens sees progress.

“Well, I think these guys are continuing to play hard. We don’t worry about them playing hard,” he told the media Thursday when asked about any signs that the team is moving in a favorable direction. “It’s the fact that these guys go out to work every day on the practice field and every day on the game field. They try to put their best foot forward and be successful. Sometimes you don’t get the results that you want, but it doesn’t mean that’s a lack of effort or a lack of opportunity or a lack of trying from a player standpoint. Football is a game about the players. The players are trying to do the best they can to their ability to be successful.”

Is this team actually on the right path?

These players may indeed play hard for their coaching staff, but there’s an important part of Kitchens’ quote that sort of shows the team isn’t progressing: “Sometimes you don’t get the results that you want…”

Remember: this is a results league. Effort isn’t the lone prerequisite of a successful season and playoff run. Wins need to come to fruition, and the Giants haven’t been stacking many in the two years in which Kitchens and head coach Joe Judge have been on the staff.

The Giants are experiencing their fifth consecutive season that contains a losing record, at least 10 defeats, and mathematical playoff elimination prior to the start of the postseason. The offense is as bad as it’s been in recent years and various holes are present all throughout the organization.

New York’s results tell the whole story whether you like it or not: the Giants are not headed in the right direction whatsoever.

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