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Kyrie Irving is ramping up for a return to the Brooklyn Nets

And there it is. A few days ago, we knew nothing about Kyrie Irving’s potential return. Now, we know something concrete. Irving is working towards a return to the Brooklyn Nets according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

Irving plans to play in road games and practice with the team at home. He will not be eligible for home games due to New York City’s vaccine mandates. It’s worth noting that unvaccinated players are still allowed to play in New York City, but they have to be on the visiting team. It doesn’t make much sense, but that’s the rule.

Although the Nets were initially hesitant to have Irving as a part-time player this year, the changing circumstances of this bizarro season are playing a factor in the organization’s decision.

The Nets have been decimated by injuries and COVID-19 issues as of late. They need all hands on deck while a sizable chunk of the team is out.

It’s unclear how long it will take Irving to ramp up and play, but Nets fans can breathe easier knowing that they are getting an All-NBA guard back into the fold, at least for some of the games.

Irving should be able to give Kevin Durant a break. Durant is one of the early frontrunners to win MVP and he has been putting the team on his back from game one. With James Harden struggling this year, they have needed every ounce of MVP Durant.

Now that Irving is back, Durant won’t need to be Superman every single night.

Here is Brooklyn’s official statement from GM Sean Marks on welcoming Irving back into the fold:

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