Jesper Bratt
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Jesper Bratt is the Devils’ player of the week (and season).

Leen Amin

The New Jersey Devils are still looking for ways to come up with wins and are going through a rough patch, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to celebrate.

The offense has slowed down, primarily because of how abysmal the Devils’ power play is, but that isn’t for lack of talent at the forward position.

The name that comes to mind immediately when thinking of New Jersey’s forward group is none other than Jesper Bratt.

Player of the Week: LW Jesper Bratt

vs. OTT: 1 A
vs. PHI: 1 G, 1 A
vs. NSH: 1 A
@ NYI: 1 G
Average Game Score: 1.36
Average defensive impact: -0.04

After making it onto this list as an honorable mention every single week, Bratt is finally the Devils’ player of the week.

Bratt has been New Jersey’s best player all season long and showed why in Week 9. He scored two goals and five points in four games last week, recording at least one point in each game.

Bratt wasn’t particularly great in his own zone, but that isn’t representative of his defensive play as a whole this season. He’s been great, in that regard.

Bratt is a RW, but played as a LW this week. He’s so good that he can be versatile- Lindy Ruff can use him however he wants in that top-six. And clearly, Bratt is capable of scoring and just generally thriving, regardless of his linemates.

Bratt was New Jersey’s best player in two of the team’s four games last week and has emerged as arguably the team’s most reliable scorer. His development and the progress he’s achieved this season have truly been remarkable.

Expect to continue to see Bratt here every week for the remainder of the season. This is a special talent.

Honorable Mention #1: LHD Jonas Siegenthaler

vs. OTT: 1 A
@ NYI: 1 A
Average Game Score: 1.17
Average defensive impact: 0.60

After several weeks of impressive play, Siegenthaler has finally made it on here.

Siegenthaler just might be the Devils’ most underrated player. He doesn’t do much offensively but, with two assists, recorded one-third of his total points this season in Week 9.

Siegenthaler has been a truly fantastic defensive-defenseman this season, arguably the team’s best. His play in Week 9 really embodied that.

The Devils were a flat-out bad defensive team last week but, aside from a bad outing against the Nashville Predators, Siegenthaler was fantastic in his own end.

No player has been better in his own zone than Siegenthaler, who seems to be getting better and better by the week. The Devils are lucky to have him, especially given their defensive struggles.

Honorable Mention #2: RHD Damon Severson

vs. OTT: 1 G
vs. PHI: 1 A
Average Game Score: 0.83
Average defensive impact: 0.38

Siegenthaler’s partner, Severson, also had the best week of his season in Week 9.

Fans had been waiting for Severson to make a statement and he finally did.

We know that Severson has always liked to shoot the puck and he showed off his offensive ability this week, especially against the Ottawa Senators and Philadelphia Flyers, when he scored two points.

Severson has really struggled in terms of actually putting up points this season and hasn’t been particularly good in his own end, so it was refreshing to see him do well in both regards during a week in which the team, as a whole, didn’t look good.

The coaching staff as well as the fanbase will look for more weeks like this from the 27-year-old.

Honorable Mention #3: C Jack Hughes

vs. PHI: 1 A
vs. NSH: 1 A
@ NYI: 1 G
Average Game Score: 0.76
Average defensive impact: 0.30

It’s like he never left. Hughes picked up right where left off upon returning from injury, scoring a goal and three points in four games last week.

Hughes is going to be instrumental in improving New Jersey’s offense and power play now that he’s back, as we’ve already started to see since his return. Hughes had a great offensive week, but was also solid in his own zone.

As long as he’s healthy, the Devils’ young star should certainly keep popping up on this list for the remainder of the season.

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