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Lawrence Taylor has a rather surprising admission in regard to his Giants fandom.

If you participated in a trivia contest based on current New York Giants information, it seems you might defeat the franchise’s most legendary player.

Those are words I certainly didn’t think I would be writing, but here we are.

Hall of Fame pass rusher Lawrence Taylor apparently doesn’t follow his former team these days — he’s not even aware of the current starting quarterback.

Daniel Jones is the [what?]” Taylor asked former Giants running back Ottis Anderson, per TMZ. “You mean to tell me Eli [Manning] is not the quarterback no more? Get the hell out of here!”

Yes, Lawrence. Eli has been retired for — checks notes — nearly two whole years. He called it quits even before the COVID-19 pandemic commenced in this country, which feels more like two decades ago at this point.

His last on-field appearance for the Giants was on Dec. 15, 2019. It’s — checks calendar — Dec. 6, 2021.

There’s also the chance Taylor is trolling all of us. If he is, Anderson is certainly playing into the joke.

“He doesn’t watch, I’m telling you,” Anderson said, also per TMZ. “We were talking earlier and we were talking about [general manager Dave] Gettleman and [head coach] Joe Judge and he said, ‘Who? Joe Judge? You talking Joe Kid, the one that played Clint Eastwood?'”

Maybe Taylor still thinks Pat Shurmur is the head coach? Or Ben McAdoo? Or Tom Coughlin if he has somehow checked out for the last half-decade?

If LT truly hasn’t followed the franchise he spent more than a decade with, I’ve got news for him: he probably shouldn’t start watching again until 2022.

While it hasn’t been mathematically confirmed just yet, the Giants are well on their way to a fifth consecutive losing season. They suffered their eighth defeat of the year on Sunday.

The offense has been one of the league’s worst and the defense, while strong at times, isn’t the most consistent 11-man group. The offensive line hasn’t been serviceable in years and the injury report is a laundry list week-in and week-out. There isn’t a constantly strong unit that resides within the organization.

Taylor may not know the quarterback or head coach, but that might not be that big of a deal. Judging by how things have gone in East Rutherford, co-owner John Mara could potentially clean house very soon.

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