Andreas Johnsson
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Andreas Johnsson and the second line keep shining for the Devils.

Leen Amin

The New Jersey Devils didn’t manage a win this week until their game against the Philadelphia Flyers on Sunday, which couldn’t have gone better.

They looked fantastic in all zones and showed everyone that this is a team that doesn’t give up, no matter how things are going.

As has been the case for most of the season, the Devils’ second line was their strongest this week and LW Andreas Johnsson continues to be one of the team’s best forwards and players.

Johnsson this week:

at NSH: 1 G, 1 A
vs. PHI: 2 G, 2 A
Average Game Score: 3.05
Average defensive impact: 0.1

Johnsson didn’t put up any points against the Minnesota Wild, but recorded a whopping three goals and six points in the Devils’ final two games of the week.

He had a good-not-great game against the Minnesota Wild, but was the team’s second-best player against the Nashville Predators and their best against the Flyers.

Against Philadelphia, Johnsson’s two goals and two assists resulted in a jaw-dropping Game Score of 6.89. No player in the NHL has recorded a higher Game Score this season.

Johnsson, who now has 17 PTS in 19 GP this season, has been an offensive nightmare for opponents since October and looks nothing like the struggling winger we saw in his inaugural campaign with the Devils.

He and his linemates have been fantastic and Johnsson is a key reason why the Devils’ offense has been improving so significantly.

If the Devils want to keep winning, Johnsson must continue to play this well. He’s become one of this team’s most important players.

Honorable Mention #1: RW Jesper Bratt

vs. MIN: 1 A
at NSH: 1 A
vs. PHI: 1 G, 2 A
Average Game Score: 1.79
Average defensive impact: -0.13

The Devils’ best forward and maybe even best player this season just keeps on rolling. Bratt is an honorable mention for player of the week for the third-straight week.

It’s become practically guaranteed that if one member of the second line is the player of the week, then at least one of his linemates isn’t far behind.

Bratt recorded points in all three of New Jersey’s games this week. He recorded one goal and four assists in three games and now, like his linemate Johnsson, has 17 points in 19 games.

Bratt has been fantastic in almost all situations for his team this season and there’s no denying that the Devils would be in a worse position without him.

This is the young Swede’s breakout year and we should expect to see him make this list more often than not.

Honorable Mention #2: RHD P.K. Subban

Average Game Score: 1.6
Average defensive impact: 1.1

Subban has had an up-and-down (more down than up) tenure with the Devils, so far. Until now, this season wasn’t helping his case.

Subban was one of the team’s worst players for most of the beginning of the 2021-22 campaign, but has really been turning things around lately. This improvement in play was exemplified this week, by the fact that he was one of the team’s best players.

Subban didn’t record any points in his three games this week, but played some great hockey, especially defensively. Subban was a top-five player for New Jersey in each game. He was a force in his own zone, something that’s key to the Devils’ success.

It must have been a refreshing sight for fans and will hopefully come as a confidence boost to the guy who was once one of the best blueliners in the business.

Stats are courtesy of Hockey Stat Cards.

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