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Eli Manning used the gesture on live television back in late September.

The Manningcast, ESPN2’s alternate Monday Night Football broadcast, has been excellent thus far.

And boy, does it keep getting better and better, with the latest story solidifying its hilarity.

According to TMZ, Eli Manning has drawn three FCC complaints for his “double bird” during Sept. 27’s broadcast of the Eagles-Cowboys matchup. Eli was using the gesture to describe what it’s like to deal with Eagles fans when playing as an opponent in Philly, even if that fan may be on the younger side…

TMZ gained access to complaints, one of which (from a West Chester, Pennsylvania viewer) said, “On ESPN ‘Monday Night Football’ Eli Manning used profane gestures that were despicable and unacceptable and fines should be levied. Young Americans should never be exposed to something like that, it was disgusting.”

Oh please. Then go watch Steve Levy then.

These are the same people that complain the world is “too sensitive nowadays” and say things like “back in my day, blah blah blah.”

Another complaint stated, “The FCC should take all appropriate enforcement actions against Mr. Manning and/or ESPN for Mr. Manning’s conduct to hold them accountable to send the message that that type of behavior (even if he was re-telling a story) is not acceptable, including all appropriate fines.”

Could you imagine complaining to the FCC instead of doing the much simpler task of switching the channel to the primary Monday Night Football broadcast?

I associate these people with those who actually get online and write a Yelp review about a restaurant instead of just not going there anymore.

“So-and-so took two whole minutes to bring back our drinks and then there were only seven packets of butter with the dinner rolls instead of the normal eight. Never going back. We deserve better.”

Oh boohoo.

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