Kadarius Toney
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Why would Kadarius Toney even open his mouth publicly?

You don’t always need to comment; your two cents aren’t always required.

Someone should’ve told Giants wide receiver Kadarius Toney that on Wednesday when he decided to tweet, seemingly somewhat in defense, of Henry Ruggs III. The now-former Las Vegas Raiders receiver and fellow former SEC wideout allegedly crashed into another vehicle Tuesday morning while drunk. The vehicle he hit caught on fire and the driver (23-year-old Tina Tintor) of that vehicle and her dog were trapped inside and eventually passed away.

Ruggs is accused of going 156 miles per hour before the crash and having a blood alcohol level of .161, just over double the legal limit. He’s been charged with DUI resulting in death and reckless driving.

If someone is allegedly going 156 miles per hour while over double the legal limit and then crashes into another vehicle and kills a human being and their dog, I think criticism is warranted — wouldn’t you agree?

You can pray for the families that are involved with the situation while also thinking what Ruggs did was horrible and unforgivable — the two responses to the tragedy aren’t mutually exclusive.

This was horrifically said on Toney’s part. And even if he (somehow) meant well by the statement, it’s difficult to provide him with the benefit of the doubt considering he was using a social media platform in which thinking before hitting “send” is very much possible.

It’s not like Toney provided this response in a media press conference after practice and the pressure of answering a question related to the events got to him, which forced his wording to be real off. He had time to think this response through and consider the potential backlash and consequences that were to come with it.

For that, there’s no excuse for Toney saying this. None.

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