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The Jets have sparingly used second-year wide receiver Denzel Mims despite the fact he’s healthy and ready to contribute.

Denzel Mims has been playing from behind in 2021.

There were high hopes when the organization drafted him in 2020’s second round. But following the introduction of a new coaching staff, the signings of Corey Davis and Keelan Cole, and the drafting of Elijah Moore, Mims has seen his overall role diminish.

He played in the last two games after the Jets made him a healthy scratch in Weeks 2 and 3, but was hardly used in either matchup. Through Weeks 4 and 5, he notched just three combined targets for two catches, all of which came in Sunday’s loss to Atlanta.

The second-year receiver is sort of an afterthought and it’s unclear if his role will increase down the road. But when NFL Network’s Kim Jones asked Robert Saleh if they would “find a way to rectify things with Mims” during the upcoming bye week, the head coach noted the relationship with Denzel isn’t problematic.

“I don’t know that there’s anything to rectify, Kim, in the sense that the relationship is good, we love Mims, he’s a tremendous character kid and he’s been working his tail off and it’s the same thing,” Saleh said Monday. “He got out there, he had some opportunities [Sunday], he was fantastic in the run game, created an explosive play on just a really good play overall, just with quarterback play, o-line protecting, and working and running his route the way he did. Obviously, just like everyone else, there’s going to be stuff that he can clean up, but he is earning his reps and he’ll continue to do so and as he continues to do so, he’ll get more opportunities.”

Mims has made some nice plays and shows flashes of talent, but it’s obvious there are weapons in that receiver room the Jets value more.

He’s not going to see the type of playing time Corey Davis sees considering the veteran was brought in to be the team’s No. 1 receiver. And as for a guy like Moore, this current coaching staff played a role in Elijah’s acquisition when it wasn’t around to play a role in that of Mims.

Coaching regimes favor their own guys. This staff may “love” Mims, but that doesn’t mean it will appreciate him like it does some of the alternative options.

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