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The Giants will be retiring the legendary quarterback’s jersey number during Sunday afternoon’s game.

It’s a major week for the Giants.

Not only do they need to notch what would be an important Week 3 home victory over the Falcons on Sunday, but at halftime of that matchup, the organization will be retiring Eli Manning’s No. 10 jersey.

A number of players from the 2019 season, Manning’s last in the league, still reside on this year’s roster. This includes Daniel Jones, who recently revealed the biggest thing Manning taught him during that lone season in which they were teammates.

“I think it was just day in and day out the way he prepared and the way he carried himself,” the third-year quarterback explained to the media on Wednesday, per Giants.com. “I think anyone would expect a guy that successful and who has played that long at a high level, that he has a certain way to prepare. I think that’s expected, but being able to kind of see it day to day and him go about it, being able to see him interact with teammates, interact with people in the facility, with staff members, and the leader that he was kind of in all aspects of the organization and for this team.”

The 2019 season played host to what some may have dubbed an awkward situation. The Giants had drafted Jones in the first round months before that season began but kept Manning on the roster. Eli started the first two games before a pair of losses paved the way for Jones to notch his inaugural starts at the professional level.

Beginning in 2020, following Manning’s retirement, it was Jones’ team, and it’s still that way in 2021. But in spite of that, Daniel does still speak with his predecessor and (at least) one-time flip cup partner.

“We’ve certainly stayed in touch and check in every now and then. He’s always kind of been someone who’s been willing to answer questions,” Jones said. “I think in his position he’s not in our meetings every day and I think he understands that. But like you said, he’s played a ton of football and knows how to play the game and knows what it’s supposed to look like. He’s been helpful for me.”

Eli’s current position with the organization is a business operations and fan engagement role. He officially earned the job back in June, nearly a year and a half following his January 2020 retirement.

The jersey retirement ceremony along with Eli’s induction into the Giants Ring of Honor should be a special moment for all, which is why Jones and the team must add the cherry on top with a victory.

Will Big Blue get the job done and earn its first win of the new season?

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