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Brett Favre joined both Eli Manning and Peyton Manning on their alternate Monday Night Football broadcast earlier this week.

One of the best things the sports world has introduced to us this year is ESPN’s alternate Monday Night Football broadcast. Instead of turning on the primary ESPN channel to watch Steve Levy, Louis Riddick, and Brian Griese call the action, viewers could choose to watch ESPN2, where Eli Manning and Peyton Manning offer commentary on the game and also bring in current and former NFL players to chat.

Earlier this week, during the Packers’ victory over the Lions, the Manning duo introduced legendary Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre to the program. The overall conversation made its way to Eli’s explanation of when he and Favre hung out at a bar, which was back when Manning was 17 years old.

“I hopped a fence and snuck into a bar, I saw you shooting pool, I introduced myself to you and you asked if I wanted to shoot pool and hang out,” Eli told Favre, as reported by Jordan Smith of the New York Post.

“My buddy did not jump the wall with me, he was too scared,” he added. “So I went out and was like, ‘Brett Favre is in here, we’re about to drink a beer and play pool with Brett Favre. You gotta jump,’ and he would not do it. So I jumped back over the fence and left, and I still give him hell every day that we could’ve had the greatest night of our lives. But you never leave your wingman. I’ve been watching a lot of “Top Gun,” and you never leave your wingman, so I had to leave.”

Favre proceeded to reveal that the bar was actually his uncle’s, and he could’ve just allowed Manning to come inside so he wouldn’t have had to hop the fence.

One of the many reasons Eli and Peyton have the privilege of hosting this broadcast on top of their own shows (Peyton’s Places and Eli’s Places, both of which are on ESPN+) is they have much to say, whether it’s about football or life in general.

Many are drawn to the stories they tell, and this tale about Eli and Favre is certainly eye-opening.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.