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Third-year quarterback Daniel Jones fumbled yet again in the Giants’ Week 1 loss to the Denver Broncos this past Sunday.

Butter fingers in 2019; Butter fingers in 2020.

And in 2021, the butter fingers still exist, at least thus far.

Giants quarterback Daniel Jones decided to tuck the ball and scramble up the middle prior to fumbling in Sunday’s loss to Denver. Not only was it a costly turnover when the Giants were driving in the third quarter, but it solidified that Jones’ largest concern is still very much present.

This was his 30th fumble (18th lost) in 28 career games.

“[This issue is] certainly frustrating,” Jones told the media Tuesday. “Those are big plays and certainly changed the game, so I’ve got to do better.”

It’s a highly significant issue that still haunts the team two years after Jones entered the NFL in 2019.

How does the third-year quarterback handle the existence of this recurring problem?

“I think each situation is separate from the other and I’ve got to learn from each one of them and correct them,” he explained. “That’s the way I’m looking at it and I’ve certainly studied this one from Sunday and trying to work on it.”

Jones experienced an up-and-down day during his team’s season-opening 27-13 defeat. He ultimately completed 22 of 37 throws for 267 yards, one touchdown, and no picks. Jones additionally crossed the plane for a rushing score while time was expiring in regulation (the game was obviously out of reach by that point).

But the fumble is what trumps all; it’s what fans remember.

Because although it was just one turnover and one play, the timeframe of this problem’s overall presence is what nags the organization and its fanbase. Jones has made the mistake so many times that supporters won’t be satisfied until they don’t see it occur at all.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.