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The Giants coaches and staff are making the right decisions ahead of what could be another challenging NFL season.

Either get vaccinated for COVID-19, or don’t and face numerous challenging protocols throughout the season — it’s simple.

Joe Judge and his Giants staff have decided to make the right decisions with another pandemic-impacted NFL regular season potentially on deck.

“Every staff [member] and coach is fully vaccinated,” the head coach told the media Tuesday. “In terms of the team itself and the number rate, I’m not going to get into rates. I would say that since the end of spring, we’ve had a number of players who have either started or finalized the vaccination process. We’ve had a number of meetings with our players that they understand that if they’re not vaccinated, the protocols that are tied into that.”

Giants players reported to training camp Tuesday and will partake in the first full-team practice Wednesday.

The training camp protocols for vaccinated individuals are notably different than those for unvaccinated individuals.

The latter group must take part in daily COVID-19 testing, wear masks, and socially distance themselves from others. The former group, on the other hand, won’t have to participate in any of those measures.

While Judge didn’t reveal the exact vaccination rate of the team, a source close to SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano noted the rate was “in line with the higher percentages” the league reported last Friday. NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills revealed on that day that 80% of the league’s players had received at least one vaccine shot and nine teams had vaccination rates of 90% or greater.

On Tuesday, however, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero revealed 85% of players had received at least one shot and 14 teams were at a vaccination rate greater than 90%.

The Big Blue staff is doing everything it can to play out this season without any sort of pandemic-related complication.

Will every single player follow suit?

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.