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The New York Jets and sports technology company Sportradar have signed an agreement ahead of the 2021 NFL season.

A humongous deal has been made in Florham Park.

On Thursday, the New York Jets organization announced it has reached and signed an agreement with Sportradar. The “leading global provider of sports betting and sports entertainment products and services” will help improve the performance of the Jets’ sponsors and broaden the relationship with the team’s partners within the legal sports-betting space.

The new Sportradar-Jets and Sportradar-Baltimore Ravens partnerships are the first partnerships involving U.S. professional sports organizations and a sports technology company that are meant to focus on the marketing needs within the betting scene.

“Sportradar is thrilled to be working with the Jets and the Ravens on this strategic initiative in the ever-evolving US market,” Sportradar U.S. Head of Advertising Mike Smith said in a statement. “Legalized sports betting presents new and unique opportunities for teams, as well as betting operators, and the Jets and Ravens are taking a step in raising the value of their brands for their respective betting sponsors. Our end-to-end platform provides each team a number of levers they can pull to ensure they’re delivering a personalized experience based on their distinct fanbases, while maximizing their marketing investment.”

“This innovative relationship with Sportradar will allow the New York Jets to optimize the overall performance of our legal sports betting partners, both inside and outside of our ecosystem,” New York Jets VP of Business Development and Ventures Jeff Fernandez said. “The ability to engage, acquire, convert and retain customers in this super competitive and rapidly growing space is of the highest priority for operators. Sportradar’s proprietary technology and expertise in reaching sports bettors via predictive analytics will be extraordinarily valuable to Official LSB Sponsors of the Jets.”

Sportradar is here to maximize the potential the Jets organization possesses in regard to its performance within the legal sports-betting world.

Online sports betting is legal in the state of New Jersey (where MetLife Stadium is located). New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has also signed budget legislation for 2022, which encompasses the forming of a plan to legalize online sports betting in the Empire State.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.