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Jeff Swinger/Pool Photo-USA TODAY NETWORK

The Jets are pulling for great production from recently drafted quarterback Zach Wilson and wide receiver Elijah Moore.

Drafting Zach Wilson was so the Jets could acquire a new face of the franchise.

Drafting Elijah Moore was so the Jets could provide that “new face of the franchise” with assistance in the passing game.

The organization hopes for a great connection between the two offensive players for years to come, and even before rookie minicamp commenced Friday at Florham Park, the young players were portraying their excitement in a chat with one another.

“[Zach] wrote me on social media [when I got drafted] saying he was pumped, he had texted me saying how fired up he was…just talking to him on the phone, I could tell he’s a general,” Moore told the media Friday. “Just by what he was saying, he’s just super excited to be here as well. His passion comes out through the phone.”

Wilson apparently also contacted running back Michael Carter (who the Jets drafted in the fourth round out of North Carolina this year) ahead of the rookie minicamp. Carter is another weapon that should provide reliable assistance for Wilson in 2021 — expect the Jets to include the first-year player in a running back committee that additionally encompasses La’Mical Perine and Tevin Coleman.

It’s unfair to put a label on Moore just yet, considering he hasn’t played in a single game at the professional level. Heck, he’s just beginning his first (and only) rookie minicamp.

But right now, it’s reasonable to pencil him in as a No. 2 or 3 receiver behind free-agent pickup Corey Davis. It’s unclear how the depth chart will shape out, so there’s a chance offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur could initially favor one of Denzel Mims, Keelan Cole, or Jamison Crowder over Moore.

Regardless, Elijah will receive a significant number of reps — the Jets didn’t make a notable investment in him (the No. 34 overall pick in this year’s second round) to not utilize him a great amount.

Overall, he’s expected to experience a successful career.

So is Zach Wilson, and this is all just the beginning.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.