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To improve the slate of offensive weapons for Zach Wilson, the Jets could draft North Carolina running back Michael Carter.

Michael Carter Info

  • RB, North Carolina
  • 5-foot-9, 200 pounds
  • Third-team All-ACC in 2019
  • First-team All-ACC in 2020
  • AP Third-team All-American in 2020
  • 2019 Stats (13 games): 1,003 rushing yards (5.7 yards per carry), three touchdowns; 21 receptions, 154 yards, two touchdowns; 19 kick returns, 466 yards (24.5 yards per return)
  • 2020 Stats (11 games): 1,245 rushing yards (8.0 yards per carry), nine touchdowns; 25 receptions, 267 yards, two touchdowns; eight kick returns, 156 yards (19.5 yards per return)

How Michael Carter would Fit into the Jets Roster

It’s a bit of a stretch to say Michael Carter would be an every-down back right out of the gate. So if the Jets were to acquire him during this year’s draft, he would likely join a running back committee that additionally includes free-agent pickup Tevin Coleman and pending second-year man La’Mical Perine.

That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t find notable playing time though — the Jets will need all the offensive help they can get anyway in order to help presumptive first-round pick Zach Wilson efficiently develop.

Carter also carries experience as a return specialist, so the Jets could provide him reps on special teams to maximize his talent and potential.

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Michael Carter Film Room Notes

Carter and North Carolina’s October 2020 win over Virginia Tech (17 carries, 214 yards, 12.6 yards per carry, two touchdowns; one reception, 15 yards)

NFL scouts will love the quick acceleration from Carter on this play. Once he locates the hole, he swiftly turns on the jets.

Despite the fact he doesn’t reach the end zone, Carter portrays sheer strength on this play — it isn’t an easy task bringing him down.

Great vision from Carter to locate the hole in this clip.

The spectacular speed is on display on either of these two plays.

The vision, ability to stop on a dime and cut upfield, and elusiveness all make this a superb touchdown run for the talented UNC running back.

And finally, we have Carter’s second touchdown run, in which he implements great vision to locate the correct hole before setting up his blockers and letting his speed/acceleration take him to the end zone.

Carter and North Carolina’s December 2020 win over Miami (24 carries, 308 yards, 12.8 yards per carry, two touchdowns; two receptions, nine yards)

What’s impressive about this 65-yard touchdown run from Carter is that he’s able to utilize great footwork to make the right cuts in space but doesn’t need to slow down too much in order to do so. This athletic ability will surely assist in him succeeding at the next level.

The same aforementioned qualities are portrayed on this play.

The sheer elusiveness helps take Carter to the end zone on this 25-yard touchdown run.

And finally, on this huge gain for North Carolina, Carter shows off the impressive acceleration once again.


Carter portrays all the necessary qualities to make NFL scouts fall in love with him — the speed, elusiveness, athleticism, vision, and strength are all present when he takes the field.

Whoever targets Carter in one of the middle rounds could be executing a steal — don’t be surprised if the Jets consider utilizing their No. 86 (third round) or 107 (fourth) overall pick on him to boost their running back committee.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.