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The Giants may target Virginia Tech tackle Christian Darrisaw in the first round if they wish to boost the offensive line.

Christian Darrisaw Info

  • OT, Virginia Tech
  • 6-foot-5, 313 pounds
  • First-team All-ACC in 2020

How Christian Darrisaw would Fit into the Giants Roster

If the Giants draft Christian Darrisaw in the first round, you could bet he’d most likely be starting right away. The only reason they’d select him is if they weren’t confident in pending second-year tackle Matthew Peart.

He’d undergo a competition for the starting right tackle job alongside Peart and veteran Nate Solder, sure, but it’s unclear if the latter will make it past the preseason given his increasing age and declining skill. Darrisaw somehow losing that job to Peart would lead to him becoming a reserve swing tackle, but it wouldn’t take long for the Giants to develop him and subsequently enhance his on-field role.

Eventually plugging Darrisaw in as the starting right tackle would allow the Giants to put into place their bookend tackles (hopefully) for years to come — 2020 first-rounder Andrew Thomas is expected to retain his job as the starting left tackle and further improve in 2021.

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Christian Darrisaw Film Room Notes

Darrisaw and Virginia Tech’s October 2020 loss to North Carolina (LT #77)

On this first play, Darrisaw is able to pull from the left tackle spot and meet the defender instead of catching him.

A nice grounded base and great footwork help Darrisaw protect the quarterback on this pass play.

Not a great look for Darrisaw on this play though; if you look closely, he reaches for his matchup and attempts to block with his hands. NFL scouts won’t love this.

Superb hand placement assists in Darrisaw blocking his matchup out of the play on this designed quarterback run.

After pulling, Darrisaw executes a monstrous block on the defender in the above clip.

Darrisaw whiffs on this last play though — not a great look.

Darrisaw and Virginia Tech’s November 2020 loss to Miami

Darrisaw is able to reach the second wave of defenders and make a key block on a touchdown run for the Hokies.

Christian does a great job turning and sealing the defender on this run play up the middle.

Portraying his athletic ability, Darrisaw gets to the outside and serves as the lead blocker on the screen pass.


Darrisaw possesses all the qualities of a potentially great NFL offensive lineman, but the consistency isn’t present with him as much as it is with other prospective tackles. Translation: he’ll need to be coached up quite a bit at the next level if he desires to make an impact for whichever organization drafts him.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.